Raewyn & Jamiee-Lee's Story

Chapter 1

December 3rd 1997

'God I wish my life would get more exciting' I thought as I sat in double maths with fractions not interesting me in any way. "Now remember that you have your yearly exams in 2 weeks so I hope you use this weekend to study your heart out" My math teacher said. Some statements came form the class such as "Uhh-get real and yea right" and just as soon as all the grumbling stopped the final bell of the day went and everybody rushed out the door only to be hit with a 35C heat and only to slow them down even more. With 1000 students pacing themselves to their buses, cars or just plain walking everybody was still dying to get out of the school. "God I hate December" said my best friend Jamiee-Lee while we were making our way to our seperate buses. "Ring me when you might be able to come over for a swim" I said to her. "Yea maybe, bye" "bye", I yell over the hundreds of students trying to get out of this heat. After a long bus trip home and a steep hill to climb I reach home and at the same time I put my key in the door the phone rings-Jamiee I thought. "Hey Jamiee you can come over nobody's home" "Cool, I'll be over in 5, bye" "Bye" Just as I put the phone down it rang again and I knew it was my mum so.... "Hello this is Lucy's love line and if you want to.." I was cut off there. "Raewyn would you please just listen to me" "Hey I know it's hot but don't get picky on me" "Well listen, you know you're Aunty Jane?" "The bald one!" "No she's the dead one!" "Oh well, what about this Aunty Jane that I seem to know all about?" "Well, she rang me up today and she would like to know if we would like to come over there for the Christmas Holidays but me and your Father can't go so I said maybe you would like to go over there for 5 weeks, what do you think?" "First there is no way I am giving up any of my summer holiday to go and spend it in...um where does this Aunty Jane live?" "Well, she lives in this place called Tulsa, Oklahoma and..." "Are you saying that I have to spend my Christmas summer holidays in some snow invested, cowboy country town because I am telling you now..." and just then something clicked 'I have heard of that place' . "Hey Raewyn can I come in?" "Hold on mum, yea come in Jam" "What ya doin'?" "Hey do you know where Tulsa is?" "Yea Hanson lives there why?" "OH just something-Mum book the plane tickets because I'll be on that plane!" "Oh, Ok honey se you at 6, bye" "Bye" "Hey Raewyn why you asken' about Tulsa?" "I'll tell you in the pool, I'll just go and get my suit on ok" "see ya in there" In the pool I told Jaimee all about my long lost Aunt and how I am giving up my summer holiday to go over there. "Hanson probably won't even be there but it would be great to go over there and just see how popular they are in their home town" "Yea you're probably right" "Hey you know I am right"

Chapter 2

December 23rd 1997

The last coulpe of weeks went by quickly and I had to beg Jaimee not to tell anybody that I was going to Tulsa because at my school we have the biggest Hanson fans that you can find in Australia. It was finally time to board the plane and after my mum put on her little show I got aboard my 747 and watched the movie that was shown to us, but after that there was nothing to do so I took out a book and waited for dinner.

(just landed)

As we go through the customs I hear screams and thought the worst, but as I got out of the customs and was walking to the gate I could hear calls for Hanson and I thought they must have come home today, but 10 seconds after I walked throughout the gate a girl lets out a scream that even my mum could hear back in Australia. I keep on walking after getting over the shock but a lot of girls were screaming and looking in my direction. I keep walking until I see a man in a black suit telling me to hurry up and I looked behind to see about 15 MIB'S forming a human body chain around three blond haired kids. I turn and start to walk into the crowd but still hearing screams like: "We LOVE you guys" and "Tay I LOVE you sooooo much" and "Isaac marry me!" At this I laughed and turned around to see if they were still behind me but they were taken away on a special route to their white bus. Then some teenager who looked like she was 16 or 17 came up to me and said , "Are they nice?" "Did you get their signature?" "Did Isaac say anything to you?" "Did Tay smile at you?" "Did Zac hug you?" "Wellllllll" I said holding on to the last letter, "First I didn't even know they were on the same plane as me and they might not have been on the same plane as me and secondly is DID your word of the month or do you just like that word?" then she walked away with a really bitchy look on her face. I started to look for my aunt but I didn't even know what she looked like but I guessed she was a 55 year old woman with a walking stick, but as I was thinking this a woman came up to me and asked, "Are you Raewyn?" A lady said with blond hair half way down her back and bright blue eyes staring into mine. "Yeah, are you my Aunt Jane?" "Yes but you can call me just Jane if you want." "Sure but can I just ask if we can get out of here it is really loud" "Sounds good to me, the car's this way" As we were walking to the car I thought she must be only 27 or 28 and she had a ring on her wedding finger so I asked if she was married. "Yes and I have 2 boys aged 5 and 2 and you'll be able to meet them soon because we have to go and pick them up from pre-school is that alright?" "Yeah sure" As we drive along I get asked some boring qeustions like: "Do you like school?- No" "How is mum and dad doing?- Fine" "Do you have a boyfriend? - No" She turns on the radio and MMMBop is playing and she askes me if they are big in Australia? "Yeah you bet ya', this song was number 1 for 9 weeks in a row down under" "Down under?" "You don't remember much from Australia do you?, well, we call ourselves that because we're down at the bottom end of the globe and we also call ourselves Aussies" "Yeah I remember the Aussie bit" "We also have started to call the country OZ, short for Aussie" "Oh, well were here at the pre-school, um I'll go and get the boys now and you can stay here if you want" "Thanks" i say and sit back to wait for my 2 new cousins to come and meet me.

Chapter 3

Still in the car

As I waited for them to return I listened to the radio and they had a contest for 3 people to go and see Hanson in their home town of Tulsa playing at the Tulsa Entertainment Center on the 3rd of January 1998 which was only a few days away. "Well that was MMMBop by Hanson and 1 lucky person and 2 of their freinds can go and see Hanson early next year and we have Jenny on the line is that right?" "Yeah this is Jenny" "Well all we need you to do is answer these 3 simple questions ok?" "Yeah fine" "Ok here they are: #1: What are their full names? #2: What is the bonus track called on their last single release? #3: What is their latest CD called? "Ok number one is: Zachary Walker Hanson, Jordan Taylor Hanson, and Clarke Isaac hanson "Good the second question please" "Their bonus track is called 'Cried" "Now only one more question and you get to meet Hanson" 'their latest CD is called "All Snowed In" "I'm sorry that is incorrect, but we will now take another caller now" "but I ment to say.........." but she was cut off there. "Who is calling?" "It's Sarah" "Well Sarah if you can get all the questions right you will be off to see Hanson" This Sarah got throuhg these questions like it was no trouble at all but when it was time to tell her hat she had won she went on like she just won 17 million dollars so I turned the radio off and looked up to see Jane coming towards me with 2 blond haired kids with bright blue eyes. "Hi, I'm Michael, but you can call me Mike if you want, and mum said that you talk funny?" 'I don't talk funny do I ?" "Yeah you do and let me show you my little brother" 'He likes to show his brother off it makes him proud" Jane said "That's good ok I love kids" "Good then you'll love our next door neighbors" "Why?" "You'll see" "Um this is Adam say hello Adam" Mike said interupting us. 'Lo" "Hey Adam what ya doing?" "Um getting in the car" Mike said to me while going around the other side to get in. "Now don't be smart to Raewyn" Jane said to Mike as she was straping in Adam. "Sorry" Mike said "It's alright" I said while getting in the car waiting and for to take us home. The ride home took only a short while and soon enough I was looking at a 3 story white house with tall pine trees surroundings. A white van pulled up in the next door neighbors driveway, but it didn't interest me so I went and got my things out of the boot of the car and made my way inside.

Chapter 4

December 23rd 1997

In my new house

"Raewyn" I heard my aunt say as I walked into my new house "Yeah' I called back "Will you please come into the kitchen for a minute" "Yeah sure, but I think I might need directions" I answered back "Take your second left" she called back "Thanks" I said walking in "I would like you to meet my husband, Phil" she said pointing to a man that had brown hair, blue eyes and was average height. "Um Hi' Isaid " What should I call you Uncle Phil, Phil?" "Phil will do just fine for now thanks Raewyn" He said with a warm smile. "Well were should I put my stuff?" "You have a bedroom on the third floor, is that alright? Jane asked "Yeah sounds fine to me" I said "I'll show you the way, come on" Phil said We made our way up two flights of stairs and he opened the door to his right and we made our way inside what looked like halg the third story. "This is it" he said "Wow" I said droping my bags. "We hope you like it" he said "People always say the first impressions last as you can see from the look on my face right now, it's a good first impression"I said "Well thats great, now do you want to unpack later and join us for dinner downtown?" he asked. "That would be great but I think the jet lag has gotten' to me so I think I'll have an early night" I said yawning. "Well if you need anything just ask ok" "Yeah thanks" I said as he left the room and closed the door behind him. "This is great" I thought as I gave myself the grand tour. It had a walk-in-cupboard and a bathroom and back in the bedroom I had a queen sized water bed, a stero and a computer with the internet and CD-rom. "These people are stashed" I thought as I went to try out the water bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out and I dreamed that something good was going to happen to me but I couldn't quite work it out.

Chapter 5

December 24th 1997

At my auntys and uncles house I woke up about 5:30am and I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep so I went and unpacked my things, but just as I was finishing I heard a car start up outside and I went to investigate. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 6:30am and I wondered who could be going out so early. I noticed that it was the same white van that pulled up yesterday and I also noticed that it had tinted windows and double locks on the door, "I wonder why they need them" I thought. The van pulled away and I noticed that I was geting hungry so I went to see if anybody was up. I made my way downstairs only yo find Mike already palying his N64 amd Adam coluring in "Where's mum?" I asked. "In the kitchen" Mike said not taking his eyes away from the screen. "Thanks"I said making my way in there. "Hi" I said walking in and taking a seat. "Well hello did you have a nice sleep?" Jane asked "Yeah thanks" I said "Well thats good, would you like any breakfast?" she asked getting up and making her way yo the cupboards "Yeah would toast be ok?" "Sure " she said I went back into the longeroom and watched Mike play for a while until Jane called me to tell me that breakfast was ready. After breakfast I went back upstairs to change clothes and then came back downstairs to Mike yelling that it was snowing and could he 'pretty pppppppppppplease with sugar on top' go outside and play. After Jane got tired of him whinning she gave in and Jane, me and Phil helped the boys get their snow gear on. They all trugged outside while I went to get my jacket from upstairs. When I got downstairs and went outside to join everybody I noticed that the white van was back and Jane and Phil were talking to a man and a lady standing next to the van and Mike and Adam playing with 3 other children in their lawn. "Hello" I said introducing myself to the new faces that stood before me. "Raewyn I would like you to meet our next door neighbors the Hansons" she said turning to me "Nice to meet you" I said extending an arm "Like wise" they said "Hey Jane I got that piece of guitar solo music that you gave me, but on the sixth bar I can't get from the C cord to the F cord in that amount of time and Iwas wondering if you could show me later on. Oh and you must be Raewyn the one that Jane has been talking about nonstop. About all the wonderful beaches you have in Australia and all the nice surroundings and at last I get to meet the star" I heard a voice say and there was Isaac Hanson standing 2 meters away.

Chapter 6

December 24


"Hi" I said now recognizing him "No um now I get to meet a star" "You can still recognize me with blond hair?" ha asked "Yeah it looks good on you" "Thanks" he said blushing (~~~even though we never see Ike blush it doesn't mean he never does so stick with me guys, ok~~~) "Well it looks like everyone knows everybody here so why don't you two go along and I'll show you how to play that piece of music later ok Isaac?" Jame said looking at us "Yeah let's go it's freezing out here" Isaac said while walking towards his house and I ran up to follow him "So which part of Australia do you actully come from?" "Sydney, it's where the 2000 Olympics are being held" "Wow that should be a once in a lifetime thing" "Hey, I'm not that old, you know" I said hitting him on the arm "We've only known for five minutes and already your bashing me" he said rubbing his arm "Whimp" "Not" "Are" "Not" "I'm not getting into inre of those-'ARE'-'NOT- games" I said "Yeah Taylor and Zac always start them and once it's started it's like hell on earth, everyone goes out of hearing distance when they do it" "Is this your house?" I asked standing in front of a 2 story building "Yeah come on inside, I want you to meet the rest of the clan" he said refering to Taylor and Zac. We entered the house and stood in the hallway while Isaac shouted "TAYLOR, ZAC WHERE ARE YOU JAN'S NIECE IS HERE" He waited a few seconds and then started calling for them again "Hey Isaac" I said "Yeah?" "do you want me to try?" I asked "Well, I'm not succeding, so go ahead" he said waving a hand at me "JORDAN TAYLOR HANSON, ZACHARY WALKER HANSON YOU GET YOUR BUTT INTO THIS HALLWAY SOON BECAUSE YOUR BIG BROTHER IS GETTING MIGHTY PISSED OFF" I said "Wow you have a ummmmm, loud voice" Isaac said "What do you want Ike I was trying to write a song and you had to loose my...oh hi you must be Raewyn" I heard a voice say and once again I turned around to find Taylor walking down the stairs "HI" I said "Hi" He said back then looking at his shoes and taking a few more steps to the bottom of the stairs "Ike" he said looking up "I never knew you had such a loud voice?" "I don't, that was Raewyn calling" he said looking at me "That was you?" He said turning to look at me with a look of suprise "Where do you get your voice?" "I think it came with me but it does come in handy sometimes" "Like when?" asked Isaac "Well, like I'm in an army marching band and I'm already a corpal, so at the age of 13 a rank like that is pretty rare but the voice helped" I said "You're in a band" a voice said and I looked up and there Zac was hanging over the upsrairs railing "Ummm yeah but with about 50 other people" I told him "And what instrument do you play?" Taylor asked "The side drum, it's totaly different than the kit and ummm nice hair do" I said looking up at Zac "So do you like them, do ya?" he said coming down the stairs "They make you look younger in the MMMBop video" "Owww man I don't want to look younger, I'll take them out later" "Hey don't do that leave them in you look cuter that way I'm sure a couple million girls would agree" "Man I don't want to be cute I want to be sexy" He said taking off his jumper and rolling up his sleves to show us his arm musclues "You're cute and you're going to have to deal with it" I said walking up to his jumper he had put on the floor and throwing it to him "Catch" I said "Put this back on before you catch a cold and freeze to death becaus I'm sure not the one who is telling your fams that you froxe to death while standing in your hallway" "Alright, alright" He said taking his jumper and puting it on. I turned to my right only to find Isaac and Taylor whisper something and Zac came up and stood next to me "He likes you" He said quietly so they couldn't hear "What?" I asked "Well, when Tay likes someone he plays with his rats tail and we've told him this but I don't think he remembers" "That's nice" I said "Do you want something to drink?" Isaac finally asked breaking the silence "Yeah" Zac said and raced into the kitchen "Zac slow down" Isaac said and ran after him "Coming?" Taylor said as he held out his hand "Sure I said taking it We both walked into the kitchen hand in hand and waited for our drinks to be served.

(~~~ Ok everything in this chapter about me being in an army band is true, I am a corpal at the age of 13 and it is rare for someone at this age to be at this rank but I am, ok. Yes I do have a loud voice and I do play the side drum so I'm just telling you this all true***Thanks***raewynAlso I'm sorry for only bringing Hanson into the story at the end of chapter 5 but it gets better belive me~~~)

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