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This dream is from Zacs_Chick

I was at a restaraunt and Hanson was palying a song! Tay looked at me so I started singing and dancing along with him! Then all of a sudden they stopped palying. Tay said that Zac couldn't find his drum sticks and they needed someone to help him find them! I rasied my hand and was yelling "ME ME ME" Tay picked me to go up there! I found a pair of wooden drum sticks and said "Are these the drum sticks?" And Tay said "Noooo!" but then Zac found the drum sticks, they were plastic! he started playing the drums and I asked him what I should do with the other sticks and he said "Keep 'em!" So through the whole concert I was holding his sticks but they kept breaking in half! It was weird!!

This next Dream is from Amie

I had went to a resturant and all of a sudden I heard that hanson was going to be there. So I quickly went home to tell my sister and friend. after I went home I had to take a skooter back to the resturant. So like half an hour went by and finally my friend had found a short cut. So we went through the short cut and we were finally in the resturant. there was like nooooooooobody there. So we waited for hanson to come in and all of a sudden we were talking and as we turned around to face forward, Isaac was in front of me (amie), Zac was in front of my friend, and Taylor was in front of my sister. We thought we were going to scream but we didn't. We just got up and got autographs. So we were talking with hanson like normal people. then we were all in sleeping bags. (differnt ones!! don't even go there!! hahahaha) then someone called and he was like stalking me. So finally Taylor grabbed the phone but when he did the person hung up and then I woke up. =**(

This next dream is from Chani from New Zealand

I had a dream that hanson came to our new years eve party....They were really shy and then there mum got to know my mum and they ended up staying over the night because the party finshed really late.So they stayed the night and it was really fun and we kept firen joey guns at them. And then i woke up to find they were really in my house. hahahahahaha i'm not lieing

Heres another dream from another one of the makers of this page, Crystal!

It was my 16th birthday party and there was a whole bunch of people there and I had no clue who any of them were except for a couple people and most of them were sitting in a circle singing songs that I have never heard before and swaying back and forth! HANSON was there and and they were going to play later on at my party! Zac was getting bored swaying back and forth so he grabbed a piece of wood from under the table and threw it in the middle of the circle on the floor and started break dancing on it! Taylor was making a sculpture of Zac's head from the food on the table. And the only food on the table was cheese and crackers. Nicole was sorting the m&m's by color and throwing them into Amie's mouth. My sister was with me and Isaac and we were all at the top of the stairs and on these stairs there was a button that you pushed and it turned the stairs into a slide and at the bottom of the slide was and huge trampoline. Isaac would push the botton while me and my sis slid down! We were having so much fun and then the door bell rang. I went to answer it and it was the Spice Girls and they were all wearing jungle print outfits and they kept on saying "Girl power"! Then it was time for HANSON to sing so they got up on the kitchen counter and started singing. They sang some weird song that was about cats and snakes. They finished with a song called Crystal that Zac made up right on the spot. The whole time they were singing the Spice girls kept on yelling "Girl Power" "Girls Rule!" and giving peace signs to everyone! It was really weird but I wish it really would have happened but not the Spice Girl part.

This Next dream comes from Elizabeth

We were on oprah and said we wanted to meet Hanson and there they were!!and we spent a whole week with them eating dinner and doing stuff. And they came and lived with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This dream is from Melanie

my family was camping somewhere and i looked to the spot next to me and hanson were im not even a hanson fan so figure that one out,but i've always thought tay would look really hot if he were gothic. anyways,tay was gothic and he came over and started talking to me like he was interested in me..i didn't mind.We walked around for awhile talking and his brothers kept on coming up and asking him if they could come and he said no. Then i had to go,and he gave me a rose and kissed me,telling me he would call me....(he was wearing this: black leather pants,with kneehigh boots with buckles on the sides,a pirate shirt,a long black velvet jacket,all these fancy silver rings,black nail polish,and he had black hair,and he was wearing black eyeliner and lipstick..oooo did he look good...)

Victoria had this next dream

I heard on tv that Hanson was going to be at Salisbury school in Sherwood park, Alberta (i live in Edmonton) so i hopped on a bus as soon as i could. When i got there i noticed Zac, Tay, and Ike sitting on a bench in the school yard so i went over and sat down, then Tay and Ike left.I was sitting beside Zac and i said "You know, Zac, there is a lot more to you than just cuteness!" and Zac said "Oh yeah? Like what?" i replied with "Well, you are smart, funny, nice, have a great voice, and you are so good at drums!" Zac said "Why, thank you!" Then all of a sudden this little boy (Cale, a grade 2-er,he was my assigned reading buddy last year) started running around in the school yard and i went up to him and yelled "CALE!!!!!" and i spun him around, then Zac said "Cale, huh?" i said "Yep!" then Zac spun him around. We were then back at the bench and Tay and Ike came back over and was motioning for Zac to hurry up and were saying "Come on Zac, remember? We have to do Patrols!" Zac yelled "Oh yeah!" Then we rushe inside the school, which was now a big warehouse, and started heading to the room with the patrol vests and stop signs. Just by the room there was a little bit of a road and cars were driving down it in all different speeds and a little tire launcher was launching tires. People were supposed to guess how fast each tire or car was going in training for being a patroler ( ??? ). Tay asked me "How fast do you think that tire is going?" i said " 2 km?" "Nope, 9km." Tay replied. After that, i watched as Tay Ike and Zac patroled. Then i went home and brought my mom to see you guys but when i got back to the school, insted of Hanson patrolling, Men In Black were patrolling. The next day in my dream i woke up and called my cousin Beth, who lives in Sherwood park, and asked if she saw you guys and she said "No." "But its in Sherwood park, you should of seen them!" i said. Then my dream ended!

This next dream comes from Frenchie

Ok many of you Hanson fans have drempt about Hanson many times or so. But how many of you actully remember your first dream of Hanson. Well here you go. Here's my first one. and you know what it's ok to laugh at it I still laugh at it when I think about it........Every year here (where I live) theres this big old fair. Everyone goes to it. People drive from near by states to come to it. But any way me and my friend were walking around at the fair and we went in to the barn with the pigs. And in one of the bigger pin's was Zac and Isacc Hanson. Yep no joke they were in one. The funnest thing is they were in one playing minature golf. (dont ask) But no onw was around them. I mean I was thinking Hello People cant you see that's Hanson. But n e way me and my friend walked up to them and said I. We began talking and all. Now I like Taylor the best so of course I questioned Zac and Isacc about his where abouts. Zac turned to me and said all happy, " He's at home giving birth." I looked at him and said oh ok. (NOW I DONT WANT TO AFEND ANYONE BUT THIS WAS ONE OF THOES DREAMS WHERE NOTHING SEEMS TO MAKE SENCE.) Than my friend asked , " How come you guys are here in the pig barn?" Isacc turned and said, " Well our mom always says we live like pigs and never clean up our messes so we figured what a better place for us to stay". Than we talked some more. Than Zac spotted this big way big pig out of the corrner of his eye. And blurted " Wow I'd like to ride one of those. Think I could get one and mom and dad let me keep it Ike?" asked Zac. But when Zac walked over to it, the pig turned into a doll. Yep there you go. my whole dream!

**** member this **** Every night you dream! You have somthing like 8 dreams a night. But you wount remember any of thoes if someone ealse is dreaming of you!

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