Danielle woke up one morning thinking "Why do I always have to wake up at 5:00 am just for stupid basketball practice!!" Her mom yelled from downstairs "Danielle do you want to live to see 13!!??" Danielle knew she had better get up now! So she went to basketball pracitice and the only reason she kept on going was because she knew that the Hanson video "Tulsa, Tokyo, & the Middle of Nowhere" & the new CD was coming out today. She and her two sisters were so excited! Her sister Nicole is in 9th grade and Crystal is in 10th. Danielle came home to hear her sisters screaming and yelling! She thought that maybe there was something really cute on the video but that wasn't it because they weren't going to watch the movie and listen to the CD until she came home. Crystal screamed, "THEY ARE FINALLY COMING!" Danielle said, "Who is finally coming?!" Nicole replied to her, "HANSON is!!" Danielle gave out a loud "YEAH!!" Crystal shouted as she wiped her light brown hair out of her face, "HANSON IS COMING, HANSON IS COMING!!!!" Then we all were screaming really loud. Even our four year old sister, Michelle, was yelling. Danielle asked "WHEN, WHEN??" Nicole said, "On Thursday!!" More screaming went on after that! After we calmed ourselves the first thought that came to all of our minds was "What am I going to wear! and I only have 3 days!" We all jumped up at the same time and ran to our closet. I (Nicole) said "I can't wear any of this!" I know, we need a new outfit!" said Crystal. So we decided to go to the mall and get a really cool outfit. As we were leaving our mom yelled to us "Stop and get your sister new shoes!" We weren't really paying that much attention to what she said, but we heard little sister and shoes so we kinda knew what she said. As we were driving, "MMMBop" came on the radio and now we were so hyped up for this Thusday we didn't know if we were going to be able to make it all the way to Thusday. We finally got to the mall and we didn't say a word but I knew we were all thinking I have to get a better outfit than them! So we went into our usual stores. Crystal & Michelle went straight to Express and the Limited and me and Danielle went to Millers Outpost and Pacific Sunwear. Crystal was supposed to meet us at the big fountain at 4:30. Danielle found something right away and it was really cute. She got dark blue faded flare jeans and a maroon shirt with blue stripes down the side. I found my outfit next. I got these light brown pants also flares with a brown shirt that had an S for stussy on it that was Camoflage! "Geez Nicole can't you get anything other than camoflage?!" "You always wear it!" I replied, "I love it and I sure hope Hanson does too!" It was now 4:35. We didn't have to be there on time because we knew Crystal wouldn't be on time. We walked downstairs to the fountain and we were suprised that Crystal was there chasing around Michelle. She asked "What took you guys so long?" but we didn't say anything. "What shoes did you get Michelle?" Danielle asked. Crystal showed them to us and they were pink pattern leather sandals, they were really cute. We walked past Sam Goody and ther was that Orange and Yellow Middle of Nowhere CD poster and Michelle ran up to it and yelled "My little boy!" (she called Zac her little boy) A little boy that looked about three or four ran up and said "Animal!" Michelle said "What I not no animal!" He said as he pointed to Zac on the picture "No! Animal!" So I walked over there and said "Michelle do you got a new boyfriend?" And then I heard a familiar voice say, "Ya Mac, do you have a new girlfriend?"


I looked up and saw All 3 Hanson brothers smiling at me. I just about died but I kept calm. Zac said as he shook my hand "Hi my name is Zac Hanson, what's yours?" I replied as I shook his hand, "Hi I know who you are you're Zac, and you're Taylor and you're Isaac. Oh and um.. my name is Nicole." Taylor shook my hand and I just didn't want to let go but I had to. Then I shook Isaac's hand. I told them "Over here is my other two sisters, the one with the light brown hair is Crystal and the other one with half her hair up in a pony tail is Danielle. Crystal is 16 and Danielle is 12." I yelled to them to come over. They saw me standing there with Hanson and they ran to us as fast as they could. Crystal yelled "YOU'RE HANSON!!" And Zac said to Danielle, "And you're Danielle and I have admired you from afar." Danielle opened her mouth real wide. "How'd you know my name?" "I know all pretty girls' names and that is Crystal!" Zac said to her. "Zac shut up Nicole just told you!" Taylor said. Zac replied, "SHHHH!" Isaac asked "Are you guys hungry?" Danielle told him "Yea! We were just about to get something to eat." Taylor told us "Follow me and I'll bring you gals to the best food place in the world!" I looked at him and I told him "No food place can be better than McDonalds!" He replied, "How'd you guess where I was taking you?" I just said right back to him "It is only the best!" Crystal said as she had a look like she was going to throw up, "No! Not McDonalds!" Isaac agreed "I know what you mean Zac and Tay would eat there their whole life if they could!" Crystal looked shocked and said "That sounds like Nicole!" "YA! Lets go there guys we haven't had our break today!" Zac said. We all laughed! But we decided to go to McDonalds anyways.


"I'll have two 6 piece chicken nuggets and 2 hamburger happy meals and Taylor what'd you want?" said Crystal. "A big mac and Super size it!" said Taylor. "And one super sized Big Mac meal and..." said Crystal "A Quarter Pounder for me Danielle and Zac!" Isaac yelled from across the food court. "Ok its two 6 piece chicken nuggets and 2 hamburger happy meals and a super sized Big Mac and 3 Quarter Pounders and 5 large fries." Crystal said to the worker, "Oh and 5 cokes!" She payed the man and Crystal and Taylor brought the food to the table. "So are you pretty ladies going to our concert?" said Zac with a smile on his face. "Of course we wouldn't miss that for the world!" said Danielle "Ya we were here shopping for stuff to wear to it and we jsut happened to run into you guys" said Nicole. "WOW, I'm sitting here with Hanson, someone pinch me" said Crystal. Zac pinched Crystal "OUCH" Crystal yelled. "You said somebody pinch me so I did" said Zac. "You are so cute" said Crystal. "I know" said Zac jokingly. "Do you guys want to do something later?" said Isaac. "You can show us around Las Vegas" said Taylor. Crystal gave them our address and phone number and we all planned on going out tomorrow.


"Where's the Love, it's not enough, it makes the world go round and round and!" "Nicole please stop singing I am trying to talk on the phone!" said Crystal. "I can't help it!" I replied. "Who are you talking to anyways?" I am TRYING to talk to Amanda!" Crystal told me. "O Gosh! You should tell her to get rid of that Chris guy he flirts with every girl he sees!" I said. "SHHHHH! She doesn't know that!" said Crystal as she covered the phone. "What did you say?" said Amanda. "Oh nothing! Nicole was just saying how Chris is always flirting with you whenever she sees you guys together!" said Crystal trying to cover up!" "OH!" Amanda said. "You guys are like the cutest couple!" said Crystal as she tried not to laugh as Nicole was pretending like she was gagging herself with her finger in disgust! "Well, I have to go now! I'll talk to you later!" said Crystal trying to get off. "OK" Amanda told her, "BYE!" " I hate it she always calls me with her stupid proble..." RING!!!! "Oh geez if that is Amanda I am going to throw the phone out the window!" said Crystal. "Here, I'll answere it!" said Nicole. "Hello Crystal and Nicole's room, Nicole speaking!" I said as I answered the phone. "Hey what are you doing?" "Ummm and this is?" I said. "MMMBop" said the voice on the other line. "Oh Hi! Which one is it, no no let me guess! It is... um duh only the funniest and cutest 12 year old alive! ZAC!" "Yea you win the prize, tell her what she's won Johnny! a whole afternoon with us!" said Zac in a deep game show host voice. "Oh so that's where Johnny went, he's a game show host announcer!" I said "Ha that was a good one, I wouldn't of thought of that!" said Zac laughing!" "Ok so.." I tried to say but Zac cut me off and said "We're coming over right now so be ready! Oh and no need to bring any money!" Zac said so fast and I was barely able to say Bye but I got one in and so did he!

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